Monday, January 17, 2011


I forgot to include this in my last rant...

November 4, 2010. Game. Set. Match.

And this link was only attached to a picture in the previous post. I think it bears closer scrutiny.

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Anonymous said...

Sure enough, I checked her Twitter history, and the dumb bitch left it in there......(assuming she's got anything to do with this Twitter account, which I doubt--most likely she has a staff of people, probably being paid by a right-wing foundation, posting to FB and Twitter and "sanitizing" any criticisms. And sometimes forgetting things.)

She's nothing but another backstabbing, lying, slimy "entertainer". Doing anything to get to the top, and given that she has no creative talent to speak of, the only way for her is to troll stupid middle Americans.

Wanna see another person who backstabbed his way to the top of his profession? Tim Allen.