Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Our Wacky World—3/6/2012

"A man is dead today after he accidentally drank gasoline and set his clothes on fire."

The fraud known as Facilitated Communication not only separates the desperate from their money but also puts the innocent in jail à la "repressed memory" therapy:
"Cases against others, including the school district, are ongoing. The mother, father, and girl's brother were accused of years of abuse – and the case went on despite there being no physical evidence, extensive testimony about the scientific vacuousness of FC, bizarre and telling inconsistencies in the FC transcripts pointing to the facilitator as author (e.g., the girl couldn't seem to spell her brother's name, but could spell the facilitator's; the religious metaphors were Christian while the family is Jewish), and two in-court tests of FC on two different days in which not single correct answer was produced. The dad spent 80 days in jail, and the 13-year-old brother was subjected to a 1 hour, 40 minute interrogation in which he was lied to and led to believe the police had video of him participating in the rape of his own sister."

Day 4 of the 2012 International UFO Congress:
'One woman described to me her experience with A&S: they took her into the little tent at right, and "scanned" her several times with different electronic instruments. They found three implants. They also told her that she was an alien hybrid, but also had 'angelic" DNA as well. I am truly amazed at what science can learn these days. I invited her to post her experience on this Blog.'
Really good comment thread on this one. (Bad UFOs)

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"The team's findings suggest that privilege promotes dishonesty. For example, upper-class subjects were more likely to cheat. After five apparently random rolls of a computerized die for a chance to win an online gift certificate, three times as many upper-class players reported totals higher than 12—even though, unbeknownst to them, the game was rigged so that 12 was the highest possible score."

"The goal of most djinn is to retake this world, which they feel rightfully belongs to them. In order to succeed, they must make humanity give up stewardship of this reality. They are accomplishing this by stealth and disguise. They have great powers and plenty of time, for they live for centuries. Shape-shifting djinn may be responsible for many forms of paranormal phenomena and experience, such as UFOs, shadow people, ghosts, poltergeists, and demonic possession. In such ways, they gain access to us that enables them to steal our life force and information about us, and to manipulate and use us without revealing their true form and purpose. These negative experiences are on the rise."
Djinn Universe

"What does cable TV have to do with health? The answer may surprise you.... After his retirement, Mr. Ober began to consider how his experience with cable TV might apply to the human body. He realized that most people wear synthetic-soled shoes that insulate their bodies from the Earth's energy field that stabilizes not only cable TV but all electrical equipment– industrial or residential– throughout the world. This seemingly simple realization inspired a scientific adventure that has resulted in what is perhaps the greatest health discovery of our time."
Earthing Institute

I used to go barefoot all the time. No difference. But then that's just an anecdote, isn't it?

The power of online prayer:
"You fill out an online form, give a single click, and “thousands” of prayer warriors spring into action, clenching their fists as they fire potent prayers skyward. God leaps off his throne in an electric frenzy, peers intently down and shouts the magic word “Alla-Shazam!” and healing, money, and better parenting skills shower down on the needy."
What would this site be without testimonials? For example:
"I went grocery shopping and I used most of my money to buy groceries. Prior to me leaving I saw and had the urge to buy a $7.00 lotto ticket and I won $100. I left with more money then I came with and has groceries."

Cardinal Ratzinger wrote in 1990:
'According to [Ernst] Bloch, the heliocentric system – just like the geocentric – is based upon presuppositions that can’t be empirically demonstrated. Among these, an important role is played by the affirmation of the existence of an absolute space; that’s an opinion that, in any event, has been cancelled by the Theory of Relativity. Bloch writes, in his own words: ‘From the moment that, with the abolition of the presupposition of an empty and immobile space, movement is no longer produced towards something, but there’s only a relative movement of bodies among themselves, and therefore the measurement of that [movement] depends to a great extent on the choice of a body to serve as a point of reference, in this case is it not merely the complexity of calculations that renders the [geocentric] hypothesis impractical? Then as now, one can suppose the earth to be fixed and the sun as mobile.”'
National Catholic Reporter

'Cook also testified that in 2007, while doing work at the Scientology International Base in Southern California, she was taken to a pair of double-wide trailers she called "the hole." She testified that she was held in the "hole" for seven weeks, that there were bars on the windows and security guards posted at the door, and that the food was "was like leftovers, slop, bits of meat, soupy kind of leftovers thrown into a pot and cooked and barely edible."'

'Once, when approaching screening for a flight on official FBI business, I showed my badge as I had done for decades in order to bypass screening. I was asked for my form which showed that I was armed. I was unarmed on this flight because my ultimate destination was a foreign country. I was told, "Then you have to be screened." This logic startled me, so I asked, "If I tell you I have a high-powered weapon, you will let me bypass screening, but if I tell you I'm unarmed, then I have to be screened?" The answer? "Yes. Exactly." Another time, I was bypassing screening (again on official FBI business) with my .40 caliber semi-automatic pistol, and a TSA officer noticed the clip of my pocket knife. "You can't bring a knife on board," he said. I looked at him incredulously and asked, "The semi-automatic pistol is okay, but you don't trust me with a knife?" His response was equal parts predictable and frightening, "But knives are not allowed on the planes."'
G-man Casefile