How's it going, Human?

Stumbled across this blog and not quite sure what to make of it? It looks like a cynical joke or more likely yet another anonymous wanker sitting in the parents' basement with nothing better to do than to inflict him/her/itself on a cyberworld already overflowing with anti-knowledge.

If you are one of the Great-Unwashed-In-The-Pee-of-"Bob", your Pink-type brain may find the contents of this blog to be offensive, obscene, blasphemous, vacuous, excruciatingly tedious, bullshit, or even, "god" forbid, the Truth, truth you can't face. Whether the latter will set you "free" is non-sequiter. Is this blog here to entertain you? Inform you? Fuck that, the real question you have any Slack? (and the real answer to the real question is NO–this blog exists to entertain me.)

It's almost certainly the case that you don't even know what Slack is. Here's how to find out:

On the other hand, if you do have Slack you will find this blog to be amusing, vicarious, cathartic, indulgent, gut-bustingly hilarious and on rare occasion absolutely correct. It will reassure you that your inherent Yetinthropy makes you better than everyone else, unlike everyone else.

I'm stealing the Church's bandwidth by linking to their Dobbshead artwork. Eee yi yi yi yi yi...

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