Sunday, January 18, 2015

Our Wacky World—1/18/2015

Wow, staunch American right-wingers standing shoulder to shoulder with a far-left satirical magazine in… France. What a bunch of idiots. And then:
"France Follows Freedom of Speech Rally With Crackdown On Free Speech"
Turley's Blog

One reason why people confess to crimes they didn't commit–false memories:
"Our findings show that false memories of committing crime with police contact can be surprisingly easy to generate, and can have all the same kinds of complex details as real memories"
I can think of some witnesses who had false memories, too. (The Register)

For those who want more:
"Kirk Cameron’s Saving Christmas movie was such a bomb that he wants you to stay awake so you can watch it many more times by selling you coffee."
Dispatches From The Culture Wars

"Nearly five years after it hit best-seller lists, a book that purported to be a 6-year-old boy’s story of visiting angels and heaven after being injured in a bad car crash is being pulled from shelves. The young man at the center of The Boy Who Came Back from Heaven, Alex Malarkey, said this week that the story was all made up."
Doubtful News

'What do real-world doctors have to say about the advice dispensed on The Dr. Oz Show? Less than one-third of it can be backed up by even modest medical evidence. If that sounds alarming, consider this: Nearly 4 in 10 of the assertions made on the hit show appear to be made on the basis of no evidence at all.'
LA Times

But at least Oz is calling out that damned "gluten-free" rip-off.

Rejoice. The Discovery Channel won''t be running any more of that mega-shark crap anymore–supposedly:
"Discovery Channel’s new president Rich Ross...said repeatedly that he’ll be moving...away from scripted, fake things, and even from sensational stunts such as Eaten Alive"
Yeah, right. (Reality Blurred)

Sarah Palin vs. PeTA—how can that not be hilarious?:
"I believe you call those discarded funky eggs “caviar”."
She seems to have confused animal rights nuts with her vision of the hated "liberals". She only attacked caviar so that "regular folks" who can't afford it will agree with her. (Crooks & Liars)

But we can't have a dust-up without someone in "the media" screaming "false equivalence":
"Palin struck back by zeroing in with the real reason that groups like PETA have lost influence and credibility: the double standard they employ, denouncing certain behavior by the people they oppose while excusing the same behavior by people they support. Where was the organization last year, she asked, when the liberal talk show hosted by Ellen DeGeneres, posted a similar photo of a girl standing on a dog?"
This after tone-deaf false equivalence from someone who has never had any credibility. Add CNN to the list. (CNN)

'According to the survey, which analyzed responses from 73 men attending the same college, 31.7 percent of participants said they would act on “intentions to force a woman to sexual intercourse” if they were confident they could get away with it. When asked whether they would act on “intentions to rape a woman” with the same assurances they wouldn’t face consequences, just 13.6 percent of participants agreed…'
Dispatches From The Culture Wars

In Frederick County, Maryland, you have to ask a council member for permission to use his name in a newspaper article:
“Use my name again unauthorized and you’ll be paying for an attorney.”
Crooks & Liars

"Uri Geller to unveil Throne of Spoons -- The Sonning spoonbender had a hand-made throne containing more than 2,000 spoons made to coincide with cereal giant Kellogg's latest project"
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"While a manicurist in California must complete 400 hours of training to be licensed, an armed guard gets authorized after 54 hours, including just 14 hours of firearms training. In 15 states, no firearms training is required at all."

'In January, TLC will air a special titled My Husband’s Not Gay featuring three married Mormon couples in which the husband is, in fact, gay — as well as one single man who identifies as homosexual, but is actively seeking a wife…. When one of the wives is asked whether her husband a homosexual, she replies, “I get a little defensive when somebody calls my husband gay” — even though earlier in the video, her husband admitted that he was primarily attracted to men'
Raw Story

Not spelling god with a capital G? You've met your match:
"...we’re talking about grammar. When you don’t capitalize a proper name like God’s, you’re violating a fundamental principle of grammar."
I'm all for proper grammar having paid attention in English class but all I can say to this person is fuck You. (Butterflies and Wheels)