Thursday, December 5, 2013

Our Wacky World—12/5/2013

Special Holiday Crap

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"Family Research Council President Tony Perkins on Monday argued that companies should have the religious freedom to deny contraception coverage for women because 'that's why the Pilgrims came here.' "
Crooks & Liars

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“Despite its title, there is no 'great joy' to be found in this book. I also could not find the good tidings. In fact there is mostly petty griping about various entities seeking to 'destroy' Christmas (but only Christmas as defined by Sarah Palin). Palin manages to both rehash the War on Christmas and wage her own war on hope and charity (AKA love). Her sense of irony is as dead as is her sense of reality.”

"The Christmas Candle has received a bit of notoriety because it was produced by Echolight Studios, a concern whose CEO is none other than failed conservative presidential candidate and sweater vest enthusiast Rick Santorum. Because of his presence behind the scenes, it is tempting to comb through the film for any possible references to his political agenda. However, the reasons that the film doesn't work—and it doesn't—have less to do with politics and more with the fact that the story makes precious little sense even by holiday fable standards." [1.5 stars]
Roger Ebert

Gene Scott would have been the first to point out that a candle is a phallic symbol.

"You may want to also consider returning some of your unopened purchases that may not seem as appealing as they did" Another tip from McResource supposedly tells employees to "Stop complaining. Stress hormones rise by 15% after 10 minutes of complaining."
Business Insider

"Instead of venturing into the cold this Black Friday, stay in and give your children a gift that will keep on giving. This year, we are celebrating the Holiday Season with a Black Friday special that is better than any deal found in stores. Donate $5, $10 or $25 to help Governor Walker get reelected..."

It's the Xmas buying season; does Scott Walker hate capitalism?

Orly Taitz and the conspiracy brigade have a new target this holiday season:
"It is a legitimate question: why there are no birth certificates and birth records for Malia and Sasha Obama, while there such records for children of other presidents?"
Fellowship Of The Minds

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"This issue has bothered me for many years. My former daughter in law was a caseworker with the state children’s services, and she often bragged on how many children she had removed from homes with no probable cause other than some vague complaint and in her opinion the kids were not being cared for properly. That she, of all people, would be the judge of who is a lousy parent is another story for another time. There are a number of really good reasons she became my ex-daughter in law."
Turley's Blog

"A social services worker and a hospital nurse are behind bars after a North Carolina deputy spotted their 11-year-old foster child shivering and handcuffed to the front porch -- with a dead chicken around his neck"

"Beijing has invested heavily to build up a nationwide [video] surveillance network that lets police watch every major street and corner in main cities. But with smoggy days becoming more frequent, the effectiveness of the system has been greatly compromised. Some fear terrorists may choose a smoggy day to launch attacks."

"It was bad enough when three men in her section decided to skip out on a $96 bill, but it got a whole lot worse for waitress Suzanne Parratt when she was subsequently fired from her job for refusing to cover the unpaid tab."

I especially like this comment:
"Let me pose this question to the fair Gawker audience: When you make a big stink like this (not that she hasn't the right to) by going to the media and threaten to or goes ahead and sue her former employer, doesn't the act alone make future hiring managers avoid you like the plague?"
Concern troll. It's better to be pissed off than pissed on.

 Hacker against hacker—oh the humanity:
“Stop Spying on Indonesia. Tell on your government stop all forms of tapping into Indonesia. Or we will make your internet network destroyed.”
The Register

Didn't see it coming