Sunday, February 18, 2018

Interview with Dave Adams (Mojo Sam)

ZBS Foundation just posted an interview with Jack Flander's friend, Mojo Sam. Or rather, Dave Adams who portrays Mojo.

We first encountered Mojo Sam the Yoodoo Man (a mixture of yoga and voodoo), in the second ZBS production Moon Over Morocco (1974). In later adventures Mojo becomes Jack's closest and wisest friend. Jack describes him as "...more paranoid than I am."

Dave Adams, December 2017
About two years ago, we were contacted by a fellow interested in making a documentary about ZBS.  Since this is our 48th year, we’ve accumulated a bit of history.  The idea was to start with the radio commune days of the 70s, then continue thru the 80s & 90s, into this century, and finally to where we are now.  He’ll be interviewing the original Zeebers, including Meatball Fulton & Tim Clark, as well as the actors, engineers, artists, and a few fans too. 
During a recent film shoot, Dave Adams (Mojo) came up from Philadelphia to be filmed in our studio.  Dave talked about working with Robert Lorick (Jack) over all these years, what it meant to him, and how deeply it affected him.  Before the interview began, Dave read a few of the letters we received after Robert’s passing.  It’s very touching.
In these days of slickness & hype & endless streams of bullcrap, it may seem rare to hear someone speak so honestly.  This is a powerful interview.  We hope you will listen, its about 15 minutes, its pretty special too.
The interview is here (MP3). It's great to see Dave after all these years and hours of hearing his voice. I have the exact same pair of headphones and use them to listen to Jack and Mojo every night before bed. 🎧

My post about the passing of Robert Lorick (Jack Flanders) is here. 😢