Friday, August 10, 2012

Our Wacky World—8/10/2012

There was a UFO at the Olympics!
"Remember that these photos are taken from the website of the Goodyear Blimp. And I think those people know their own Blimp when they see it."
Bad UFOs

"More than two years after being told they were fake, Thailand's military is still using bogus bomb detectors that were fraudulently sold by a discredited British company, according to the country’s Department of Special Investigation."

Pseudo-historian and all-around douche David Barton has a slight problem with his best-selling "history" book:
“ the course of our review [we] learned that there were some historical details included in the book that were not adequately supported. Because of these deficiencies we decided that it was in the best interest of our readers to stop the publication and distribution.”
Crooks & Liars

No shit. The comments on the World magazine site are hilarious. Mostly ignorant, in a "this nation is full of fucking idiots" sort of way.

“ASEA is trillions of stable, perfectly balanced Redox Signaling Molecules suspended in a pristine saline solution—the same molecules that exist in the cells of the human body. Redox signaling is a function that is central to all life. Signaling molecules are created within every cell in the body. After the age of 12, our cells make fewer and fewer of these molecules. ASEA is the world’s only source for replenishing them.”

"WOW … must be strong stuff if they both oxidize it AND reduce it before they bottle it."
Science-based Medicine

For those who slept through chemistry class, "reducing" means removing the oxygen—which they did after they oxidized it.

Monkey business
"The 11-year-old girl told police that her father, pediatrician Melvin Morse, would hold her face under a running faucet causing the water to shoot up her nose... The punishments happened at least four times over a two-year period... 
"Morse specializes in near-death experiences in children and wrote a book about the subject called 'Closer to the Light' in 1991. 'In hundreds of interviews with children who had once been declared clinically dead, Dr. Morse found that children too young to have absorbed our adult views and ideas of death, share first-hand accounts of out-of-body travel, telepathic communication and encounters with dead friends and relatives'"

This one has "someone is going to die" written all over it:
"Life Force Homeopathy has formed a project with Dr. Shah, inviting patients suffering from Hepatitis-C to take part in the world's first ever homeopathic clinical treatment of the disease. Patients will be given free trial medicine for the duration of the project (approximately six months), and the cost of the homeopathic medicine and the project itself will be paid for by sponsors.

"Dr. Rajesh Shah practices in Mumbai, India. He has studied homeopathy for twenty years, and is an internationally acclaimed physician and teacher. He has worked on many new therapeutic molecules, some of which have been granted patents. His interpretation of homeopathy is one that is modern and possesses a strong scientifically-proven base."
Small Business News Wire

"Dauphin County prosecutors today charged a church and its pastor after a mock 'terrorism raid' in March. The fake raid occurred at Glad Tidings Assembly of God Church in Lower Swatara Townshipwhen four men -- one carrying an unloaded but real gun -- rushed into a room full of youth-group participants, put pillowcases over their heads and forced them into a van. The children didn't know the raid was fake. One was injured."
Penn Live

Read the fine print
"Nine people went on trial in southern China over allegations they helped a teenager to sell one of his kidneys so he could buy an iPhone and an iPad"

"Opposition to catheterization, efforts to bum rides for cigarettes and repeated storytelling were among actions ascribed to a 25-year-old man during what some might consider a fairly jacked up couple of hours in Port St. Lucie."
 TC Palm

"Former Republican U.S. Sen. Larry Craig aims to fend off a federal election lawsuit against him by arguing his infamous June 11, 2007, Minneapolis airport bathroom visit that ended in his sex-sting arrest was part of his official Senate business. 
"'Not only was the trip itself constitutionally required, but Senate rules sanction reimbursement for any cost relating to a senator's use of a bathroom while on official travel,' wrote Andrew Herman, Craig's lawyer in Washington, D.C., in documents filed Thursday."

Here's a really long Scientology piece, worth every minute:
"If Miscavige felt that Tom Cruise was no longer able to provide him things he wants -- access to big names in Hollywood, money, expensive gifts and star power -- Cruise would find himself in the same category as a Geoffrey Lewis or Michael Roberts, rating a polite, camera-posed handshake and 'Hi, how are you' when Miscavige visits Hollywood Celebrity Centre once a year for their annual 'gala.' No more 'insider' briefings or hanging out together at Telluride, no more special birthday parties and expensive gifts, no more Sea Org slave labor projects, no more staying in Miscavige's personal guest quarters at Int Base or using Dave's tanning bed. Tom would become like all the other pieces of gum on the bottom of Miscavige's hand-made John Lobb shoes, someone to be tolerated as a cost of doing business, but generally looked upon with disdain. And Cruise cannot see it, even though the evidence of every single person who has ever come close to Miscavige (with the exception of [Miscavige's "communicator"] Laurisse Stuckenbrock) lays strewn in his wake like the victims of the Bataan Death March."
Village Voice

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