Book Club posts

Here's a complete list of all my Book Club posts so far...

Prophets or Profits? (scholarly religious criticism)

How's it going, Skeptic? (investigations into scientific claims of a dubious nature)

RatCave Book Club, January 19, 2011: the myth of repressed memory.

RatCave Book Club—Heal Thyself (1/28/2011): Self-help books. Really out-there stuff. And disturbing.

RatCave Book Club—2/6/2011: science and medicine.

RatCave Book Club—2/19/2011: a collection of amusing book covers—lots of laughs.

RatCave Book Club—6/5/2011: various crooks and liars, including the Slyvia Brown(e) review that gets this blog so many hits.

RatCave Book Club—10/19/2014: the joy of antibiotics, the role of disease in Napoleon's army, a fellow book lover who takes things a bit too far.

So many books, so little time.