Sunday, November 2, 2014

Our Wacky World—11/2/2014

I've almost entirely overlooked all the fear-mongering and disinformation from the current ebola hysteria—Michelle Bachman came close to winning the coveted MFAEECIA™ award but there were so many also-rans that she didn't stand out enough from the crowd. The governor of Maine did say that 13% of ebola victims die without any symptoms… But this charming piece was too much fun to overlook:
"My therapy to curtail and cure the Ebola virus infection is simple and inexpensive besides taking all preventive measures to come in contact. It is a precursor of a vaccine with production of auto-antibodies within the body of the infected patients. The therapy is called "auto urine therapy" (AUT). That is the infected person drinking his or her own urine..

"As soon as the disease is suspected or diagnosed, before waiting for any therapy: Start drinking all the urine that comes out the first day no matter what the condition of the patient is. If the patient is averse or has social stigma regarding this therapy, use a naso-gastric feeding tube to feed the urine. Collect the urine in a clean glass and feed the urine as soon as it is evacuated from the bladder through the urethra. Do not change the taste or save it to drink later."
Bolen Report

'Stefanie radiation from wi-fi internet and mobile phone signals give her headaches and nausea which make it impossible for her to be near some types of technology… “I’ve not been diagnosed by a doctor but my GP surgery is aware of my condition. Every time I am near wi-fi or mobile phone signals I feel ill… I know a 20-year-old girl who has to spend 23 hours a day in the dark after electro-sensitivity caused her to become light sensitive.”'
The Argus

The growing need for contiguous dirt:
'Jewish burial law is based in part on a passage in Genesis "For dust you are -- and to dust you shall return." Jewish law stipulates that the dead be buried separately on a layer of dust and earth. So while there is no restriction on multilevel burial, each body must rest on soil. To comply with religious law, the towers of the vertical cemetery structures have pipes filled with dirt inside their columns so that each layer is still technically connected to the ground.'

Forget roofies, you got yourself raped:
'In an odd video posted Monday, the prominent conservative think tank American Enterprise Institute reached out to young women and advised them to be less worried about drug-facilitated date rape. "Most commonly, victims of drug-facilitated sexual assault are severely intoxicated, often from their own volition"'

Because women have to protect men from their own urges. As always.

'The coloring book...features cartoon children performing Satanic rituals and drawing pentragrams in school, along with a word search for words like "acceptance" and "friends" and a maze to reach the Necronmicon, a fabled occult spellbook. The children in the book wear Satanic symbols on their shirts and spread anti-bullying and religious tolerance messages.'
Orlando Sentinel

"The Rossen Reports team set up appointments with several psychics, then rented a brand-new home in a New Jersey suburb where no one has ever lived, and rigged it with a dozen hidden cameras." [hilarity ensues]

How many forms of acupuncture are there?
"Really. Not a joke. Watch a video but not, I repeat NOT, with liquids in your mouth."
Science Based Medicine

Jack The Ripper "positively identified"—FAIL:
"...the scientist who carried out the DNA analysis has apparently made a fundamental error that fatally undermines his case against Kosminski – and once again throws open the debate over who the identity of the Ripper."
Doubtful News

Disprovable fear-mongering by the FBI (includes "safety tips to protect your mobile device"):
'Powerful stories, right? Just imagine if the data on those phones were locked up and unavailable to law enforcement? Well, imagine-no-more, because people have been looking into these stories, and Comey's fear mongering doesn't check out. First up, The Intercept looked into these cases and their results can be summed up in the URL slug which includes "FBI Dude Dumb Dumb."'