Saturday, September 17, 2011

Our Wacky World—9/17/2011

I completely missing an important anniversary--the Wacky World Newsletter was ten years old last April. The best headline I've ever posted was "Rat Brain Flies Jet" In (belated) honor of this auspicious occasion, you can vote for this week's most imperative headline. The contestants are...


Here's the horrid web site of the week: Creation Museum and Taxidermy Hall of Fame of NC and Antique Tool Museum

Michelle Bachmann assumes the position
Even the FDA is fed up with Dr. Oz:

"We have explained to you that arsenic occurs naturally in many foods in both inorganic and organic forms and that only the inorganic forms of arsenic are toxic, depending on the amount. We have advised you that the test for total arsenic DOES NOT distinguish inorganic arsenic from organic arsenic. The FDA believes that it would be irresponsible and misleading for The Dr. Oz Show to suggest that apple juice contains unsafe amounts of arsenic based solely on tests for total arsenic.":


Erik Prince enters the video game market:
Critics have complained about the game because Blackwater employees take on missions for money, while U.S. soldiers, the focal point of games like "Modern Warfare 3" and "Battlefield 3," fight for their country.

Remember the woman who dressed her three year old up like a hooker for a TV show? Well...
"A mother who dressed her daughter like a prostitute for a toddler beauty pageant has revealed she has had death threats."
Mail Online

Funny, she doesn't look fat to me.
Michael Moore, on the other hand...
Michael Moore's new book describes his becoming the most hated American in America:
"This initial overwhelming response to Fahrenheit 9/11 spooked the Bush White House... After screening the movie with three different audiences in three separate cities, the news Karl Rove received was not good. The movie was not only giving a much-needed boost to the Democratic base (who were wild about the film), it was, oddly, having a distinct effect also on female Republican voters."
"...a man in a nice suit saw me on the sidewalk and went crazy. He took the lid off his hot, scalding coffee and threw it at my face. The Seal saw this happening but did not have the extra half-second needed to grab the guy, so he put his own face in front of mine and took the hit...(he had second-degree burns) ...the Seal took the man face down to the pavement, placing his knee painfully in the man's back, and putting him in cuffs."

'Acting on “credible information from a reliable source,” Metro Sgt. Mike Alba obtained a search warrant from Magistrate Court to send the woman into Memorial Medical Center to undergo a forcible and thorough body cavity search. Not only did the probe come up fruitless, however, but the woman was footed with a medical bill for $1,122'
Dispatches From The Culture Wars

Somebody's watching me
Costumed cops take on automotive scofflaws:
"Orange County deputy sheriff Richard Lockman, gets in the holiday mood Tuesday, December 9, 2008 dressed as an Elf, spots a red light runner in the intersection of the South Orange Blossom Trail and Taft-Vineland Road."
Orlando Sentinel

Death from the skies:
"Nasa admitted more than half a tonne of metal from the satellite, which ran out of fuel in 2005, will survive as the majority of it will burn up after entering Earth's atmosphere."

Church of $ex:
Who look like whores
"GoddessTemple is an organization of Tantra facilitators, body workers, relationship and sexuality counselors, touch therapists, sex surrogates, intuitive healers, Certified Tantric Therapists, sex educators, counselors and healers who practice yoga and other systems of healing and empowerment. Here you will find valuable information on conscious loving, pleasure and spiritual awakening."
Goddess Temple

And now they've been busted:


"However, joining the [microbial social network] site costs more than the typical fare of a valid email and unique password. The price tag for a MyMicrobes profile is a hefty $2,100, which basically covers the cost of having your gut bacteria sequenced. That may sound expensive, but it's cheaper than the cost of a typical full gut bacteria sequence (about $2,700)"