Tuesday, March 15, 2011

America gets its hate on for Japan

Japan got the shit kicked out of it recently. And a terminally-ignorant all-American crapfest has ensued.

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Let's look on the bright side:
"The human toll here looks to be much worse than the economic toll, and we can be grateful for that."
Vanity Fair

Kudlow always was a dickhead shill for everything that sucks ass about the American corporate establishment but this is a new low even for him.

A nice Xtian girl thanks "god" for bitch-slapping Japan (the original YooToob post has been taken down for "copyright violation").

"Cappie Pondexter's words show the endurance of long-held bigoted and prejudiced attitudes toward the Japanese, even from young Americans in today's society whose only knowledge of the Second World War comes from history books and popular culture"

"Tragedy just struck, tens of thousands of people may be dead, a nuclear disaster is looming, so- [sic] what do you do? Well, for a few unlucky people, you put your foot in your mouth and chew until you reach your knee."

At least you'd expect Gilbert Gottfried to say something outrageous.

Have you seen this graphic? It's a fake.

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Finally, here's some sober perspective on the nuclear situation...
"While this situation is serious, let me be very clear: we are not facing a nuclear explosion, nor are we facing the release of a huge, deadly radioactive cloud (more on both of these below). The fear-mongering and misinformation on the web and in the news is rampant, and the last thing we need is people panicking because of it! The news is bad enough without exaggeration of it."

Bad Astronomy

"In fact, though the quake was far beyond design limits, all the reactors went into automatic shutdown perfectly: triumph number one. Control rods slammed into the cores, absorbing the neutrons spitting from the fuel rods and pinching off the uranium-fission chain reactions powering the plant."
The Register

The point being it could be a lot worse. In Japan, I mean.

Remember Pearl Harbor!


Anonymous said...

I watched the news on CNN and I noticed that the most discussed issue about the disaster in Japan was if America should continue to use Nuclear plants? wtf?

American media always has a way of spinning things to be about them, because the rest of the world are mere ants. Well we'll see when a tsunami hits DC, New York or any other city with lots of republicans :P

Anonymous said...

Ok, here's my one and only one Japanese disaster joke. The only thing standing between safety and meltdown is ONE valve clamp, but to change it, they have to take off three covers, two circuit boards, turn one pipe 35 degrees, another 2 pipes 90 degrees, reroute half a dozen cables, and hold up the valve cover with a coat hanger to keep it from falling inside. Oh, and to get to it all, they have to hang a worker from the ceiling and load him up will all the stuff he'll be breaking on the way to the clamp.