Friday, March 11, 2011

Our Wacky World—3/11/2011

"Meet Joel Chandler, who just paid his $1.00 toll on the Polk Parkway with a $100 bill, he is not allowed to leave unless he provides personal info to the toll taker. The toll taker tells Chandler this is what happens when they get large bills. She says this is what they have to do. Chandler says to the toll taker, "So I'm being detained?" She says yes sir."

"Deaver sobbed, gently kissing her daughter's forehead and hoping her baby wasn't in pain. That fear - that the baby would suffer before its predestined death - compelled the couple to seek an abortion. But a new Nebraska law that limits abortion after the 20th week of gestation prevented her from getting one... A nurse at Mary Lanning Memorial Hospital in Hastings instructed the couple to closely monitor their daughter's breathing so when it stopped the staff could accurately record the death."

"David Allen Henson, 24, of Rock Hill, admitted to jail employees Monday night to having pot inside a Rock Hill jail cell after police found a marijuana roach made out of a page torn from a Bible inside the cell."

"The Oregon House approved a bill Thursday that would remove legal protection for parents who choose faith healing over medical intervention when treating their children."

Hoarding animals is perennially popular, along with trash. Inevitably there are lots of dead or dying ones by the time the authorities get there:

'A mother who allegedly put her child in a locked dog crate for urinating and defecating in his bedroom defended the move to police, claiming that other behavior-correcting methods failed and toys made the cage “fun.”'

Still waiting
A millionaire dentist found a credit card in a parking lot and used it to buy pizza.

"The Archdiocese of Philadelphia announced Tuesday that it had suspended 21 priests from active ministry in connection with accusations that involved sexual abuse or otherwise inappropriate behavior with minors."

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