Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sarah Palin victimhood redux

It turns out that Tea Party siren Sarah Palin's decision to cast herself as a victim in the wake of the ballistic Tucson event didn't go over well with certain key players on the Right:
Ailes was not pleased with her decision, which turned out to be a political debacle for Palin, especially her use of the historically loaded term "blood libel" to describe the actions of the media. “The Tucson thing was horrible,” said a person familiar with Ailes’s thinking. "Before she responded, she was making herself look like a victim. She was winning. She went out and did the blood libel thing, and Roger is thinking, 'Why did you call me for advice?'”

And now the conservative intelligentsia has dubbed her the "Alaskan Al Sharpton":
"Palin’s flamboyant rhetoric always has thrilled supporters, but lately it is coming at a new cost: a backlash, not from liberals but from some of the country’s most influential conservative commentators and intellectuals."

And she's dropping in the polls. How's it going, "Al"?

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