Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Our Wacky World—2/8/2011

Another Stupor Bowl come and gone. Unfortunately for the NFL it doesn't come off without a hitch. Thanks to incompetent management the stadium was short over a thousand seats.

There there was this:
For absurdity, how about those four Navy F-18s flying over the stadium - with its retractable roof closed? Everybody inside could only see the planes on the stadium's video screens. It was strictly a two-second beauty shot. Know what it cost taxpayers? I'll tell you: $450,000. (The Navy justifies the expense by saying it's good for recruiting.)
Washington Post

Finally, Will.I.am of The Black Eyed Peas said he was unable to fulfill his promise of tweeting during his band's Super Bowl halftime performance because his cell phone AT&T had no service. Sounds like a black eye for AT&T.

On a related topic, the evidence for brain-damaged football players continues to accumulate. The problem with American football is that the padding and helmets make it possible to hit with much more force, greatly increasing the risk of injury. Players are not as invincible as they think they are.

"The nursing student says she knew eating soap was dangerous, but ignored the warning labels on the box in favour of licking the deadly powder daily, from the minute she woke up in the morning. Soon she had moved onto licking the bubbles of soap in the shower, too, a habit that was getting her through up to five bars of soap a week."

"A psychotherapist told a court an eight-year-old boy mentally communicated feelings of fear through his bad behaviour, leading her to believe he had been abused" (more repressed memory bullshit with telepathy as bonus woo)

News Scotsman

"Where do mice come from? How do they get in your home? Since mice have no bones they can squeeze through cracks as small as one fourth in diameter. Cracks can be found in the wall, doors, cupboards whatever. If you see any holes or cracks in your home make sure you seal them. This prevents them from coming in."
Romow Home Garden Blog

A Tampa Bay contractor charged an elderly homeowner $107,000 for a $10 seawall patch job—and that wasn't all...


"If we had no sexual harassment we would have no children," the judge ruled.

The Telegraph

The Virginia General Assembly has decided not to legalize carrying concealed machine guns

Pilot Online

George W. Bush will NOT be visiting Switzerland due to a slight legal problem


Canadian cop pleads guilty to threatening arrestees with electro-torture

CTV News

A pregnant woman was accidentally given an "abortion pill"


Some idiot on Reddit decided that a college student's cancer fundraiser was bogus and unleashed an on-line lynch mob. The only problem is that she's legit.


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