Friday, January 14, 2011

Things to remember

Never tell the pharmacist that the reason you need a coagulant drug is because you had an abortion.

If you're studying veterinary medicine at UC Davis, don't get knocked up.

Overzealous prosecutors love that fraud known as facilitated communication. It doesn't seem to work for people in persistent vegetative states, though.

Religious financial fraud is a $34 billion business.

Faith healer and consummate fraud Benny Hinn has a fan who's a narcissistic poseur. I'm not sure which is worse.

You'll be thrilled to know that the previous Pope is on the fast track to sainthood based on a (requisite) miracle that sounds like a testimonial from Pat Robertson's 700 Club. Here's one I'll never forget. An old woman was out working in her vegetable garden when she suddenly realized she'd been poisoned by pesticides. She didn't feel good so she went inside, turned on the TV, and there was Pat Robertson having a "word of knowledge" that someone was being healed of poisoning. What are the odds?? She called their 800 number and told them about her miraculous healing. They sent a camera crew out and taped her testimonial. So there you have it. A sure-nough miracle. Too bad he's not Catholic, he's missing out on a sainthood.

Of course, at no time during any of this did she have medical examination. But you wouldn't think a lonely old lady with no friends would make something like this up, do you?

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