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Our Wacky World—10/22/2011

And tomorrow
Dude, you've got hummingbirds in your underwear (picture). Vladamir Putin is doing is doing his level best to make your average Russian look like a pussy. Pastor Ted Haggard and Gary Busey are going to swap wives on reality TV show.

"Mad scientists successfully upgrade lab rat with cyborg brain"


Metallica, a band which peaked in the late Eighties (I haven't listened to them since), have reached a new low with the aid of Lou Reed:


William Shatner would at least have been funny. In fact, I think he'd be better. BTW, he has a metal album coming out soon (check out the samples). Vinyl for only $44! In other music news, here are the ten catchiest songs of all time (based on the latest scientific research).

"Kicking, shoving and grappling each other to the floor, the youngsters were filmed competing in cage fighting contests in front of a baying mob of hundreds of adults enjoying a night’s entertainment. The boys are not wearing padding or head gear as they grapple and slam each other into the canvas ...a spokesman for Lancashire Police said today the force had 'looked into this matter fully and there are no issues for us to pursue'."
Mail Online

"The coroner said the case “fits into the category” of SHC [spontaneous human combustion] – but how? Did it have any features that are known to correlate with gold-standard cases of SHC? That is what we generally mean when we say that something fits a defined category. It seems that the coroner only means – unexplained (back to the argument from ignorance)."
Skeptic Blog

There's a definitive analysis of SHC in the Skeptical Enquirer archive. If you've ever wondered what is actually going on just email me for the pdf.

You've probably already heard about this unconstitutional crap but anyway...
"You show me somebody who falls in love with Jesus, and I'll show you a person who won't be a problem to society"
Where to start?? (Crooks & Liars)

Assholes do
"One cadet wrote to MRFF reporting that when he asked if he could post the Chief of Staff’s memorandum on a bulletin board at the Academy, the response he got was, “Don’t go there. Who’s side are you on?” Apparently, wanting to post a memorandum from the Chief of Staff of the Air Force now means you’re on the “wrong side” at the Air Force Academy."
"Of course, the Air Force Academy is doing its best to deny that the billboard had anything to do with its sudden decision to distribute the memorandum right after the billboard went up. But, in doing so, Academy spokesman Lt. Col. John Bryan has succeeded only in contradicting himself to a point where nobody could possibly believe the version of the story he’s putting out."
This Week In Christian Nationalism

Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann said Monday that it would be "foolish" to normalize trade with Cuba because Hezbollah could soon have "missile sites" there.
Crooks & Liars

"After being apprehended, Anderson became nervous when anyone tried to approach him, became aggressive and asked if the police were going to kill him. Anderson only calmed down after the officers advised him that the handcuffs were made of silver and the werewolf couldn't hurt him as long as he had them on."
Arkansas Online

"Scientists had been struggling to map the structure of M-PMV, a protein involved in a virus that causes a form of simian Aids, in an experiment called CASP9. The search, in that experiment and others, had been going on for more than a decade. The solution was not found by a laboratory but the players of an online puzzle game."

"Three jail inmates in a suicide watch cell were taken to the emergency room last month after apparently overdosing on narcotics that had been smuggled inside an inmate's rectum"

"...there is more space junk headed our way next month. A defunct German space telescope calledROSAT is set to hit the planet at the end of October – and it even is more likely than UARS to cause injury or damage in populated areas."
New Scientist

Here's some good old Micro$oft bashing:
“[Steve Ballmer] did one of the smartest things I've ever seen him do as CEO today: He delegated responsibility by paying someone else to jump around like an asshole during his entrance instead of doing it all by himself,” said a poster. “Now if only he'd do the same with his regular day job.”
The Register

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