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Our Wacky World—8/21/2011

There's a new toilet in your future
"The court, however, made it clear that it was not sanctioning Stoltzfus giving the condom-filled acorns to two women he encountered in Harrisburg, an act he later said was a joke."
Lancaster Online

They think pain is "a gift from God" and advocate that parents spank their children from the age of 18 months on up to five times a day to teach them discipline. They suggest a plastic spatula could be used to hit children as it will "inflict pain, but not break bones or damage skin". The Ezzos also propose that babies should be smacked for poor table manners and should not be fed on demand. Gary Ezzo, a former preacher, said: "You should just lift up the diaper and give them a little swat on the backside."

Notorious threat-spammer "Mabus" has finally been taken into custody for a psych evaluation:
"A strange case of online harassment, complete with the usual police who would do nothing, may finally be coming to a close. A Montreal citizen who went by the online handle of Dave Mabus has been targeting the atheist and skeptic communities with threats and harassment for years.
Glad you noticed
But Mabus' ability to target his threat was pretty limited (he often went after scientific journalists, including me), and that proved to be his downfall. Some clever Twitter users managed to redirect his rage-filled missives, first to a journalist in his home town of Montreal, and ultimately to the Montreal police department."
Ars Technica

To the average Japanese person, the words "adult anime fan," or "otaku," conjure less admiration and more an image of someone who sleeps between a hentai-print body pillow and the decomposing bodies of his parents. When the tsunami caused the cancellation of an anime convention, the Governor of Tokyo said they "deserved it" (he's a big advocate of new laws that restrict the sale of anime to young people). He was then re-elected.
If you move [to Japan] because you dream of working in anime, you'll find that young animators are currently getting paid a whopping average of $11,000 year to work in an industry that's rapidly dying. If you go outside in any non-urban area in Japan while being non-Asian, you're going to be openly pointed to, laughed at and honked at by passing cars as if to say, "You are a foreigner! Let me remind you of this!"
This excellent article is about American expatriates in general. How they assume they'll be loved everywhere they go because they're Americans. (Cracked)

Dude what wrong wit ur eye
Praise "Bob", it's time for the annual Insane Clown Posse Gathering:
"The Drug Bridge is for drugs. It does not really exist to support the Gathering's titty commerce—although close to midnight, a girl begins renting out her cleavage as a surface for cocaine. But the same basic rules apply: The goods come in every form imaginable, and the quality seems to matter less than the fact that it is available at all. The only difference between the titty trade and the drug trade at the Gathering Of The Juggalos is that the drug supply is apparently limitless."

"Human feces making their way through wastewater facilities and into the ocean are passing along a bacteria causing white pox disease that's killing Elkhorn coral near Key West, Florida"

Meanwhile, here in Virginia, it's nerve-munching amoeba time again:
"Health officials say two children and a young man nationwide have died this summer from a fatal infection known as primary amoebic meningoencephalitis stemming from a brain-eating amoeba that lives in water."
Washington Post

"A former Pennsylvania juvenile judge was sentenced to 28 years in prison Thursday after being convicted for a scheme to make millions off unjustly incarcerating young people... Ciavarella was found guilty in February of 12 of 39 racketeering and fraud charges for accepting millions of dollars in bribes from friends who owned detention centers to which he sent juveniles."

For the first time, federal auditors are suggesting that some or all of the cash may have been stolen, not just mislaid in an accounting error. Stuart Bowen, special inspector general for Iraq reconstruction, an office created by Congress, said the missing $6.6 billion may be "the largest theft of funds in national history."
LA Times

"For four years, Weiber and eight other Mennonite men allegedly sprayed the chemical through bedroom windows in Manitoba [Bolivia] at night, sedating entire families and raping the females. One of the men is a fugitive, the others have pleaded not guilty. If convicted, each faces a maximum 30-year prison sentence."
This one's a bit sus. It's almost impossible to control the amount of gas the victim is exposed to—Just ask the Russians. (Time)

"A 20-year-old St. Petersburg mother was arrested Wednesday night after she staged pictures of her 1-month-old son in various life-threatening poses, and then sent the pictures via cell phone to the infant's father, with whom she was fighting... Brittany Lester took pictures of herself choking the baby and putting him upside down in a garbage can... There were also pictures taken of the child with a plastic bag over his head"
Tampa Bay Online

1st Amendment lawsuit alert:
"The South Bend Common Council voted 5-4 to spend $1.2 million to buy property that will be transferred to the Catholic Diocese of Ft. Wayne-South Bend for $1."
Secular News Daily

A little Goo-Gone™ would probably fix that.

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