Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Our Wacky World—8/16/2011

Every revolution tends to become the tyranny it overthrew:
"Anonymous, the loose-knit hacking collective, breached the security of MyBart.org and published the names, street and email addresses, and site passwords for about 2,400 people who had set up accounts on the site. It's operated by BART, short for the Bay Area Rapid Transit. Database dumps such as the one here also included phone numbers for many users."
Congratulations, assholes. It didn't take you long to fulfill my dictum.

The Register

Listen to convicted sex offender Warren Jeffs tell little girls to have sex with him (MP3). Equally exciting, there are not one but two comets in our neighborhood right now. Which is to say that we are, of course, doomed.

Look into my eyes
"These new [anal] sphincters were started by placing human muscles cells and mouse nerve cells in a circular mold. With the right care and feeding, the cells grew and expanded to make actual sphincters. The sphincters were then implanted in mice, and because of their nerve cells, could connect to the animals' nervous systems and function much the way mice's original sphincters did"

"The August 17 Baltimore conference is sponsored by B4U-ACT, a group of pro-pedophile mental health professionals and sympathetic activists.  According to the conference brochure, the event will examine “ways in which minor-attracted persons [pedophiles] can be involved in the DSM 5 revision process” and how the popular perceptions of pedophiles can be reframed to encourage tolerance."
Daily Caller

"If hit too hard and too long (never in the center with large mallets) it has the capability of disintegrating your internal organs.  This came out in the conversation I had with Erik Paiste back in 1997 as we discussed the pro’s and con’s of having the largest gong in the world made.  And Eric knows his stuff. I once played it with my huge gong mallets way too hard for 1 minute nonstop.  And even with custom ear plugs and my vision was blurry on and off for about two weeks.  It does not go just around you, but through you as well.  It is to be respected for sure."
Breath Of Worship

"The young man told The Star that they met, but that he tried to leave after the man told him he was a state lawmaker. He said the lawmaker at first told him he could not leave, grabbed him in the rear, exposed himself to the young man and then later gave him an iPad, BlackBerry cellphone and $100 cash to keep quiet."
Indy Star

"A white powdery substance believed to be narcotics was discovered with the body of a 42-year old megachurch Florida pastor who was discovered dead in a Times Square hotel room... The cause of death for the Rev. Zachery Tims, Jr., who led an 8,000-member ministry in Orlando, is still pending."

"UFO Connect is a revolutionary and ground breaking mobile application consisting of educational and interactive tools involved in the UFO phenomena... Skywatch Alert is the UFO Connect's flagship application... This application works much like the well known Amber Alert system for missing persons and law enforcement activity except the users are in control. This application will give the users the power to witness the UFO events as they are happening."
UFO Connect

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