Monday, June 13, 2011

Our Wacky World—6/13/2011

What is it about being born and raised in America that turns people into "superior", entitled peasants?:
"I don’t want to trivialize* the inhumane horrors that African slaves endured on slave ships  destined for the Americas. But after a recent airplane trip, sitting tightly next to my neighbor in steerage seats, I feel the discomfort and pain endemic to the current air experience has certain curious similarities."
*You just did.

Daily Heller (Includes pictures comparing the interiors of slave ships to jumbo jets)

Bloody tourists
Lie in your own piss, shit, blood and diarhea for a few weeks with people dying all around you and then get back to me white boy.

In case you're wondering who this soulless cracker is:
"Steven Heller is the author, co-author, and editor of more than 100 books on design. He was an art director for the New York Times for more than 33 years and is currently co-chair of the MFA Designer as Author Department at SVA."
And he has his head so far up his ass he can see light at the end of the tunnel.

This one has got to hurt:
"Lady Thatcher will not be seeing Sarah Palin. That would be belittling for Margaret. Sarah Palin is nuts."

Normally I'd put the Palin piece at the top but Mr. Dickless got me too fired up. But it does sound like something she would say, doesn't it?

More clueless Creationist bullshit:
"So…this clever calculation is contingent on the premise that there has been 6 billion people on the earth for 3 billion years, and, tragically, that every drop everyone drinks stays in their body and disappears when they die."

Here we go again:
Although Palmer tried to explain his medical condition to deputies...they arrested him for driving under the influence and took him to Fort Sanders Loudon Medical Center emergency room to draw his blood... "Everybody eventually figured out, 'Hey, this guy has cerebral palsy and you can't arrest someone for driving with a medical condition' "
Knox News

And again:
'...they asked Drew to place his feet on the yellow shoe line, something he didn't understand. They proceeded to pat his pants down, questioning the padding which was his adult diapers. When the agents asked Drew to take his hand and rub the front and back of his pants so they could swab it for explosives, his dad stepped in and tried to explain that Drew was mentally challenged. "They said, 'Please, sir, we know what we're doing"'
No you don't. (KSAZ)

"Staysha Randall has attempted to break the world record of 3,100 piercings for a title of "Most Body Piercings in a Single Sitting."  She initially wanted to go for 3,600 piercing, however, after she got 3,200 piercing she changed her mind"
International Business Times (lots of pictures)

"The 50-year-old mother - a self-confessed plastic surgery addict known as The Human Barbie - has boasted that she gave a £6,000 breast enlargement voucher to her daughter for her seventh birthday. Poppy 'squealed with delight' when she was given the voucher. As well as the breast enlargement voucher, Miss Burge bought her daughter thousands of pounds worth of gifts, including a £250 computer, a £450 pink Swarovski crystal ring and necklace set and the promise of a £4,000 spa break."
Mail Online

A £250 computer? Doesn't sound like a Macintosh to me. What a cheap bitch, depriving her child like that.

"Once Iraq becomes a very rich and prosperous country... we would hope that some consideration be given to repaying the United States some of the mega-dollars that we have spent here in the last eight years"—Us Rep. (R) Dana Rohrabacher during visit to Iraq
Raw Story

"Harold Camping, the Family Radio minister who inaccurately predicted that the world would experience Judgment Day last May 21, has suffered a stroke."
Guess he won't be taking those millions with him. (CBS)

Aliens with a sense of humor

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