Sunday, March 27, 2011

"Psychic" Sylvia Browne's latest fail

She always (conveniently) claimed to not be psychic about herself so naturally she didn't see this one coming:
"Sylvia Browne, world famous author and psychic, suffered a heart attack while in Hawaii, an email message from her church says.
A local kumu hula teacher and Browne’s new husband Michael opened the show for her. Michael and Browne’s granddaughter escorted Browne to her chair in the middle of the stage. She appeared weak physically and to have difficulty at times hearing questions from the audience."
Hawaii Reporter

From her web site (posted in a pdf so a donation form could be attached):
"On March 21, 2011 our beloved Sylvia Browne suffered a heart attack while in Hawaii. Sylvia was in Honolulu, HI for a lecture on March 18th and a Spiritual Salon on March 20th and was about to return home when this catastrophic event occurred. We do not yet know how long Sylvia will have to be hospitalized in Hawaii nor when she will be able to return to her normal work-related activities. At this time we are first asking for your prayers and positive thoughts for a speedy recovery in every way possible for Sylvia and secondly for the survival of her mission, embodied in our church, The Society of Novus Spiritus ©."
Sylvia Browne dot com

The file then goes on to provide timely, truly critical information (parts obscured):
For over 25 years, Sylvia has primarily been financially responsible for the survival of Novus Spiritus and has literally put her heart and soul into this Gnostic mission and now she needs rest. It is now time for those that have been helped by Sylvia or the philosophy that she has brought to this life to help her by donating to her church. On behalf of Sylvia and everyone at Novus Spiritus we thank you for whatever support you can provide during this time of extreme need. 
For more information about Novus Spiritus ® or to donate to our spiritual community, please send your donations to:
SUPPORT NOVUS SPIRITUS ® or call (408) no-way
6000 bullshit AVE STE 666 or Fax (408) hell no
somewhere in CA zipit
To use your Credit Card - visit

Here's a Facebook post she made right before going to Hawaii:
"I am so excited to be with my granddaughter in Hawaii even though I will be working for much of the time, I'm looking forward to the few days we have free together."

This is from a Q&A on the home page of her web site (Inner Circle membership required for a reply):
Q: Christa R. Odenville, AL asked:
Can you tell me anything about my husband's health he has a sharp pain once in a while in his chest and side area. It feels like someone stuck a knife in him.
A: Have your husband's stomach checked for acid reflux, and get him off all dairy products.
Pretty scary (and utterly stupid) advice considering the fact that she's not very good at diagnosing cardialogical problems. No doubt this is the sort of person who consults a psychic instead of going to the ER immediately.

Among Sylvia's other accomplishments she pleaded guilty to selling securities without a permit in 1992:
"Prosecutors allege that the Browns -- doing business as DalSil Enterprises -- led investors to believe their money would be used to finance equipment and mine operations. In actuality they transferred the funds to accounts of the Nirvana Foundation for Psychic Research, a non-profit organization founded by the Browns in 1974, where the money was partly used to pay salaries of the Browns and other family members."
Stop Sylvia

Note that she added the "e" to her name later.

Here's a blurb about her latest book:
"Afterlives of the Rich and Famous features intimate afterlife accounts of Princess Diana, John Lennon, Heath Ledger, Marilyn Monroe, and other charismatic celebrities. By channeling her longtime spirit guide, Francine, Browne gained unrestricted access to a dimension most of us can only imagine, one in which telepathic communication is the norm and everyone occupies their healthy, thirty-year-old beautiful body. In candid reports, these stars reveal fascinating details about their new lives and the work they're doing on the Other Side, many even sharing whether and where they intend to reincarnate."
Her own web site

Here's a comment about the book on Amazon:
"I happen to be in constant communication with several deceased celebrities myself, and I can tell you they are not happy at all with this book. 
First of all, Michael Jackson has told me that he would never allow Sylvia Browne to watch one of his concerts in The Great Cloud. (That's what those on the underside refer to Heaven as). This is due to a longstanding feud he has with Sylvia regarding her prediction that he would be found guilty of his child molestation charges. As you all are aware, he was acquitted of all charges brought against him. Michael believes that Elvis may have let it slip to Sylvia that he was throwing a concert for the dead, but in no way, shape or form was she allowed inside to watch. 
Heath Ledger is also very upset with Browne. When Sylvia arrived on the other side and spoke with Heath, she had promised to bring back to the world of the living his Acceptance Speech for his Best Actor Oscar nomination. Although he does feel that Sylvia herself has been overlooked in this category, and is also justly deserving of the award. Instead Sylvia opted to discuss his acting lessons with another famous dead celebrity. Lessons Heath said were private and not for mortal public consumption."

There is absolutely no difference between Sylvia and television evangelists. It's all about the money. Thank "Bob" it's tax-deductable.

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Has anyone else read the two Marys? And then read secrets and mysteries of the world? I've Red Both and she tells two different stories of how Jesus and Mary Magdalene Met and this really bothers me! How can there be two different stories? In one she says they grew up together and actually went so far to say that Mary the mother of Jesus raised Mary Magdalene and then another she says they met as adults in India