Thursday, March 3, 2011

Our Wacky World—3/3/2011

See kids? It really does happen!

The trial of woo-monger James Arthur Ray finally began this week. Meanwhile, some Native-Americans are sick and tired of woo-loving palefaces making off with their sacred stuff:
'Taliman, 53, also wrote about long-standing efforts by Native Americans to stop the "appropriation and exploitation of sacred ceremonies," pointing to a 1993 international gathering in South Dakota of 500 Lakota, Dakota and Nakota nation representatives. Together they "passed the 'Declaration of War Against Exploiters of Lakota Spirituality,' denouncing individuals involved in the New Age movement, shamanism, cultists, and neo-paganists and others who promote 'intolerable and obscene imitations of sacred Lakota rites"

"Charismatic televangelist Benny Hinn, who denied romantic involvement with Paula White after a tabloid article last year, is being sued for $250,000 by his book publisher for violating a morality clause in their contract."

A third-grader has discovered he has the gift of healing with qigong:
Magic is usually saved for the imagination, but in his life, Reffsgaard is using an ancient Chinese teaching that he said often makes him feel like Harry.
“I feel like I'm a wizard using the healing spell.”
Killer shrimp threaten Wales

"A woman is chosen for jury duty in a rape case. On the second day of the trial, she realizes... she spotted the defendant committing the alleged crime."

"A veteran Houston police officer participating with a cooking team at the Houston rodeo's Bar-B-Que cook-off has been relieved of duty for reportedly tossing a tear gas canister at booth opponents during the popular event, apparently sickening several patrons."

"The suspended worker who was paid by a Norfolk agency for 12 years has fired back that she was wrongfully terminated after false allegations by the city.
Jill McGlone, a former administrative worker at the Norfolk Community Services Board, wrote letters Feb. 16 to City Manager Marcus Jones and CSB Director Maureen Womack saying she wanted to meet with them about her "wrongful termination" and denial of unemployment benefits."
Hampton Roads Pilot

Here's the future of automatic weapons—cobalt alloy barrels

The Register

Andy Dick is yet another celebrity on a Concorde-to-hell ride whose 15 minutes were up years ago. Here are some pictures of him snorting coke.

Rock on.

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metasonix said...

Curse you sir, your blog is starting to eclipse the Shit Planet in sheer wretchedness. (As if anyone actually notices either of them, anyway.)

That British Airways bedbug thing is priceless. Excuse me whilst I borrow it.

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