Monday, March 21, 2011

Our Wacky World—3/21/2011

There's a radiation panic in China and people are hoarding iodized salt. You'd only have to eat enough of it to give yourself an overdose of sodium to protect yourself from radioactive iodine.

"Man dies cutting own legs off with hacksaw"

The Sun

"...he crashed the Jaguar several times...while fleeing from deputies at speeds greater than 100 miles an hour. Blanscet told deputies he had been smoking a "legal form of marijuana" called "Wicked X Herbal Smoke" when he had the dire warning from Dr. Phil." [classic video]

"The most recent asking price was $13 million, but that was before several pipes burst in second-floor bathrooms of the vacant home, flooding it with an estimated 6 million gallons of water over several weeks."

Dr. Oz invited psychic charalatan John Edward on his show. The result was predictable. It simply never occurs to post-graduate types that they are being lied to. They assume they're too smart to be fooled:
No, they're not
"There's something here. It's bizarre. I don't know what exactly is happening. But it's definitely something. I'm a heart surgeon. I can explain a lot of weird things. I've seen people who should have died who didn't. Over the years I've had some pretty deep conversations with people who died and say they saw "the light" and came back with stories... I can't make up an explanation for what John Edward does. And, again, what was most eerie was his level of detail, the concreteness of it all."

"... many forensic disciplines...have not been subject to rigorous scientific testing. Even fingerprint analysis is not the sure thing it was once thought to be. Many of these fields were...invented by law enforcement agencies... The fields have not been subjected to peer review, and the methods...are not blind...the analyst often knows the details of the crime and which sample implicates the suspect...these analyses are not science, but they are often presented in court as if they were."

"Minnesota Republicans are pushing legislation that would make it a crime for people on public assistance to have more $20 in cash in their pockets any given month. This represents a change from their initial proposal, which banned them from having any money at all."

Fight Back! News

"To ensure that taxpayers complied with the law, IRS agents would have to investigate whether certain terminated pregnancies were the result of rape or incest. And one tax expert says that the measure could even lead to questions on tax forms: Have you had an abortion? Did you keep your receipt?"
Mother Jones

...the St. Petersburg Times reported that the sheriff in Pasco County, Florida, planned to spend $45,000 of a $361,000 training budget teaching local officers how “radical Muslims groom their facial hair and wear their pants, as well as a ‘behavioral analysis technique to distinguish visually between moderates and radicals.’”
Washington Monthly

"During debate over a bill that would legislate a dress code for Florida students, Passidomo blamed the alleged gang raping of an 11-year-old in Cleveland, Texas on the way the young girl was dressed."
Raw Story

"On January 12, four days after the Tucson massacre, Sal and Anita Culosi settled a lawsuit against Fairfax County, Virginia, police Detective Deval Bullock. Five years earlier, Bullock shot and killed their son, 38-year-old optometrist Sal Culosi, during a SWAT raid on his home. The reason for the raid: Culosi was suspected of wagering on college football games with friends. 
SWAT raids are increasingly being used to crack down on all sorts of nonviolent activities: neighborhood poker games, illicit massage parlors, even businesses operating on outdated permits. Doctors accused of overprescribing pain medication have faced SWAT teams. A few years ago, a police department in Iowa sent a SWAT team to apprehend a group of Buddhist monks who had overstayed their visas on a peace mission."  

Pig Roast

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