Sunday, February 13, 2011

Henry Rollins, ancient curmudgeon

It's 2/13/11 and Henry Rollins (2/13/61) has reached 50. The famous "Eric the pilot" routine isn't on YooToob but since Iggy Pop is his idol this rant is perfect (fucking hilarious, too):

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

I tried to get tickets to his birthday show but after twelve minutes of pushing the button up came the message "tickets sold out". Crap. At least I've seen him twice already. He always talks for at least 2:30 and not one second of it is boring.

Here's one of the best songs Rollins Band ever did—Illumination

I saw them do it live. It was even better than the album. The concert took place on 9/27/2001 at the Nightclub 9:30 in Washingtion DC. Just sixteen days after 9/11. My girlfriend, the world's biggest Rollins fan, was too scared to go but at the last minute changed her mind.

About halfway through the set the band went into an instrumental bit and Henry rapped about patriotism. Where were all the fucking patriots in America before we were attacked? (I'd been wondering the same thing). Where were they when a black guy was being dragged around by the neck from the bumper of a pickup truck? The take-away line was, "If you want to be a racist move to Fuckheadville."

It was eery driving past the Washington Monument at 2:00 AM with the streets empty of traffic.

I hate tattoos. Henry has the best tattoo I've ever seen.

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