Friday, December 31, 2010

Disconnect your brain

I saw a woman on TV recently. She was doing the usual pseudo-skeptic, conspiracy theorist routine. She babbled on for over a minute and then some science guy got  <10 seconds to counter. At the end it was mentioned that she has a new book out. Wow. I didn't realize that major network evening "news" programs was now part of the book promotion circuit. Silly me.

The SBM blog has posted a review...
"...Davis implies that there is a massive worldwide conspiracy to cover up data, and disprove or dismiss the alarmist studies. The book is full of anecdotes about data that was altered, or disappeared, funding that was cut off, and alleged threats. This is the stuff of a Hollywood conspiracy movie. Such a massive conspiracy, involving virtually all the worlds most prestigious health science organizations, is simply not plausible."
A Disconnect between cell phone fears and science
Ionizing radiation causes skin cancer and bone cancer. Why aren't we seeing them as well? And why does her Wikipedia entry contain no citations and mention no controversy? (he asked knowingly)

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obnostic said...

The MSM will do anything to fill time that should be dedicated to reporting Real News.

That's someone who can't make the distinction between cellphones, radar guns, and microwave towers. Throw in some fearmongering and pseudoscience ... hey waitaminute, sounds like the Fox news methodology.