Saturday, December 17, 2016

Fake "Bomb Detectors"—Again

I've covered this issue more than once on this blog. I just learned about this recent story from the latest issue of Skeptical Inquirer:
"For nearly a decade, anyone driving through one of Baghdad's many checkpoints was subjected to a search by a soldier pointing a security wand at their vehicle and watching the device intently to see if its antenna moved. If it pointed at the car, it had supposedly detected a possible bomb. 
"The wands were completely bogus. It had been proven years ago, even before 2013 when two British men were convicted in separate trials on fraud charges for selling the detectors... 
"Yet the Iraqi government continued to use the devices, spending nearly $60 million on them despite warnings by U.S. military commanders and the wands' proven failure to stop near-daily bombings in Baghdad. 
"It took a massive suicide bombing that killed almost 300 people in Baghdad on July 3 — the deadliest single attack in the capital in 13 years of war — for Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to finally ban their use."

What a load of shit. This in one of the many black holes into which the billions of US dollars disappeared.


Anonymous said...

The magic wands are just one tiny scam run during the Iraq war. Certain businessmen love wars, because the US government is fat and stupid and the opportunity to make a windfall profit increases dramatically. They can bullshit themselves into security, training and construction contracts, overcharge for toilet paper and shovels, you name it.

Everyone's fat and happy, every fat Republican whiteboy has a job. So he can have a big Mcmansion and internet so he can scream at people online for "global warming scams" and "that criminal Hillary" and so forth. Thanks partly to massive and badly-run defense contracts that give those fuckers jobs. The F-35 is just a gigantic welfare program. That's all.

Unknown said...