Monday, January 25, 2016

Robert Lorick has died

From ZBS Foundation head honcho Tom Lopez:

In Memory Of Robert Lorick

Here are Robert's demo reels—you may recognize one or two. Share the fantasy.

I have the entire Jack Flanders series from ZBS. I had just finished The Green Velvet Chair and started The Fourth Tower Of Inverness when I received the news. This is beyond tragic.


geonav1 said...

He simply went on another one of his adventures and this time, stayed.

The St. Dr. Oscar said...

I'll bet no one thought that a cynical old Yeti like myself could enjoy something like the Jack Flanders adventures, but then there is something one could call "magic" after all. said...

I've been absorbed by Robert as Jack and all the other fabulous voice actors in the ZBS adventures for about 20 years. I can't imagine not hearing him do another one. So worth supporting such a creative and giving group. I feel like the only Canadian who's heard about them. It would be grand to introduce a new generation to their work. - Stephen ilott - Oakville, Ontario Canada

The St. Dr. Oscar said...

A couple of months ago I saw an auction on eBay for a DVD full of MP3s of ZBS radio shows so I called ZBS and told Tom Lopez about it. We talked for a while and he said that they still hadn't gotten over Robert's death but the "League of Green Velvet Chairs" project will continue.

What else can anyone say about the greatest thing of its kind that's ever been done?

The auction got taken down, BTW.

Unknown said...

Since that first adventure, I was always with Jack. Robert , you will be missed, but I hope to see you on the other side. RIP

The St. Dr. Oscar said...

Dave Adams (Mojo Sam) has died: