Monday, October 13, 2014

Our Wacky World—10/13/2014

Another month, yet another fake bomb detector conviction. And Jesus has followed Elvis to the bathroom floor.

'It was around 5 or 6 a.m. when Charles finally left and walked out into the early morning air, his body and clothing drenched in urine. He headed to the subway and felt a buzz of excitement as he made the long journey home. “I felt I’d discovered something,” he says. “I had such a great night.”'

Ha ha ha
'Under threat of class action lawsuit, maker of “homeopathic” medicine settles, and exits North America'
Science Based Pharmacy

"If you are ill with ebola, listen to this music every 15 minutes until you are better. For protection from ebola, listen to this music twice daily (or at least once daily) until the danger passes.
"We strongly advise that PC Sound Resonances are always used direct from the on-line source because otherwise the effect is reduced. If this is not possible, make direct copies from the website but avoid copying a copy as this reduces the effectiveness further."

'When an Illinois woman began receiving “end of the world” messages from her estranged pastor husband, she reacted in a manner very few parents would: by attempting to kill her three daughters.'
Americans Against The Tea Party

"Officials in China this week examined the anuses of 10,000 pigeons that were set to be released today in celebration of National Day, amid government fears of a possible terrorist attack."
The Verge

Rush is now costing his network money:
"...Limbaugh's show has featured so few real commercial breaks that StopRush activists have been reduced to asking nonprofits to pull their PSAs. Volunteers have found ourselves contacting smaller and smaller businesses because almost all the big corporate sponsors have pulled their advertising. The resulting cash crunch has been so bad that FreedomWorks has started subsidizing Limbaugh's salary."
Brietbart Unmasked

Ken Ham's ark project isn't going well:
"The $18 million in tax incentives...for building the Ark Experience have been controversial from the day the Kentucky Tourism Department gave preliminary approval for them... However, that tax credit has since been put on hold…because of a job application."
Americans Against The Tea Party


I've been waiting for something like this to finally make the news:
"Seattle’s city prosecutor has announced a rather novel decision to toss out all tickets issued for the public use of marijuana through the first seven months of this year after concluding that virtually all of them were written by one officer who opposed the legalization of pot."
Turley's Blog

This is your captain speaking—we have some idiots onboard:
"Airlines have also had to deal with ultra-Orthodox men of priestly descent called “kohanim” sealing themselves in plastic bags used to transport dead bodies to avoid ritual impurity when flying over a cemetery. According to Haredi Rabbi Yosef Shalom Eliashiv, sealing oneself in a plastic bag is the solution to this problem."
Washington Post

FackBook FAIL

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The St. Dr. Oscar said...

Sometimes it's obvious that he's a libertarian:

More WTF comments. His book "Mind of the Market" contains more such gems.