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Our Wacky World—1/10/2013

Another great spam topic: "This is not fables – the holy true is in our online medical shop!"

From the Ghost of Xmas (very recently) Past—Ebenezer Scrooge was a good man of business.

The Second Coming is now officially pushed back until 2060 so let's start the new year off with a floating pity party:
Dream on
"'Who sent Obama here to destroy America?' a fiftysomething woman asked me one evening over dinner, as if it were a perfectly reasonable question. And here onboard the cruise ship, it was. If the Nieuw Amsterdam was a kind of ark of American alienation, at least it was an eminently comfortable one... Most of the roughly 600 National Review cruisers, who’d signed up for what was billed as the 'conservative cruise of a lifetime,' were in their prime during the Reagan years—the greatest days to be a conservative. Nostalgia and loss hung in the air, with much talk of endings, both personal and national. To sum up his feelings about the election, John Wohlstetter, a national-security author in his mid-sixties...recalled the words of a long-­forgotten liberal lamenting a loss: 'The people have spoken, the bastards.'

"Jonah Goldberg attempted a note of optimism, garnering hearty applause when he said conservative ideas were 'still salable because, A, they’re correct. Two plus two is four. You have to believe that we’re going to be proven right by reality.'"
This article has so many hilarious quotes in it I have to force myself to stop adding any. A must-read. (NYmag)

Also of great interest:
"Put all this together and you have an astonishing body of evidence. We now have studies at the international level, the national level, the state level, the city level, and even the individual level. Groups of children have been followed from the womb to adulthood, and higher childhood blood lead levels are consistently associated with higher adult arrest rates for violent crimes. All of these studies tell the same story: Gasoline lead is responsible for a good share of the rise and fall of violent crime over the past half century."

What could possibly be funnier then paranormalists ripping off paranormalists?
"May this post serve as a warning to prevent future financial victims of PRS and may it serve as a catalyst to the criminal justice system to come to the aid of the victims and to punish these criminal offenders. Both my daughter and I will be more than happy to provide legal statements and testify against them in Court"
Rip-off Report

The latest from living legend John MacAfee:
"McAfee goes on to accuse members of Hezbollah of establishing a training base in Nicaragua, south of Belize. The supposed terrorists formed links with the Zetas, the infamous Mexican drug cartel, and may be using deadly ricin from plants grown at the training camp, we're told. The Zetas, according to McAfee, smuggle the poisonous protein in return for advanced weaponry from Hezbollah"
The Register

Mike "every mass shooting is an FBI hoax" Adams is already a colossal FAIL when it comes to the 2nd Amendment but now he's working on the 1st:
"Americans are, of course, protected under the First Amendment to make their points of view well-known, even if (or especially if) they use their constitutionally protected voice to speak out against other rights enshrined in the Constitution. But Morgan is not afforded those rights and protections."
Piers Morgan is an annoying prat but as long as he keeps pissing people like Adams off I can live with it. I don't watch his damn show. (Natural News)

"When it was announced that Electronic Arts would be partnering with gun companies for the latest outing of their Medal of Honor franchise, the vast majority of those following along let out a collective sigh. 'Great,' people said to each other, 'Another reason to blame video games for gun violence.'"
Geek System

"Donovan told the dispatcher that he was alone in the rectory. It’s not clear exactly how he ended up in handcuffs or why he feared a medical emergency. His voice sounds garbled or muffled on the tape, and sources say that police discovered some sort of gag on the priest when they arrived."
Illinois Times

"QuantumVET™ Tricorder Plus consists of a set of Portal Access Keys™ (PAKs™)downloaded to your smartphone, pc, laptop or tablet. These PAKs™ allow you to open a portal that allows master programs to be transferred from ZAG's quantum computer to your pet's brain to run a set of diagnostics to determine exactly what is causing your pet's symptom(s). ...these master programs then use their quantum intelligence to access the vast number of other master programs in ZAG's quantum library in order to select those programs necessary for administering treatment... Your pet's quantum computer (its brain) knows exactly what is going on... There is never any risk of adverse side effects nor possibility of overdose or toxicity to your beloved pet treating with pure data unlike medicines prescribed by traditional veterinarians...
Beware of imposters. Only Portal Access Keys™ (PAKs™) uploaded directly from this site ( are genuine and effective."
Quantum MAN

"A small religious school is under criminal investigation after several dozen teenage students and others volunteered over several weekends to gut a building containing asbestos... Students as young as 13 who attend the Buckeye Education School spent several weekends removing asbestos-filled materials without any protective gear at the former YWCA on Smith Road..."

"Up to 60,000 patients die on the Liverpool Care Pathway each year without giving their consent, shocking figures revealed yesterday. A third of families are also kept in the dark when doctors withdraw lifesaving treatment from loved ones. Despite the revelations, Jeremy Hunt last night claimed the pathway was a ‘fantastic step forward’. In comments that appeared to prejudge an official inquiry into the LCP, the Health Secretary said ‘one or two’ mistakes should not be allowed to discredit the entire end-of-life system."
Mail Online

"The Cowboy Church of Virginia, led by chief pastor Raymond Bell, believes homosexuality and other ‘addictions’ can be cured by Equine Assisted Psychotherapy."

“He came in one day, and finally I told him, ‘OK, I’ll put Intelligent Design into the curriculum … if you start a petition and get all the local ministers in the community to sign it saying they’ll allow the teaching of evolution in Sunday school’”

"An Indiana man convicted of setting fire to an Ohio mosque attributed his crime to the influence of Fox News, which he says convinced him that 'most Muslims are terrorists."'"
Digital Journal

  1. Talent
  2. College paid for
  3. Insane parents...
"Despite her good grades and success in musical shows, David and Julie Ireland often drove 600 miles from Leawood, Kan., to visit their daughter unannounced. They accused her of using illegal drugs, of promiscuity and suffering from mental woes... She insisted none of that was true and asked them to stop, but their accusations escalated. They informed her department head their daughter had mental issues that could force them to go to court to seek to have her treated."
AZ Central

"In a particularly embarrassing episode of the investigation, the Japanese police arrested four of those unsuspecting individuals and extracted "confessions" from them, only for other institutions to receive threats containing details that only the real criminal behind the scheme would know - while the four were in custody."
Net Security

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