Friday, September 9, 2011

Our Wacky World—9/9/2011

Headline of the week—"Vincent Tarvin Probably Wouldn't Have Been Caught With Cocaine -- But Then He Pulled Out His Penis..."

Here's the latest twist in the great honeybee die-off mystery:
"...leaked U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) memos reveal that the agency gave conditional approval to pesticides now in wide use, without requiring adequate proof that they are safe to use around honeybees. In the wake of the new information, beekeepers are starting to blame the country's massive die-off of honeybees on the pesticides."
I suspect multiple factors. (PR Watch)

I can buy you
"An Australian federal senator, Adelaide's Nick Xenophon, has made public the church's abuse of their own staff; they’re paid some A$50 a week [US$53] and have been receiving that salary for some 30 years now. The legal minimum wage there is A$590/week [US$630]… One way the church gets around this minor problem is by pretending that the staff consists of volunteers. Sure."

'We have a serious problem when a network formerly known as The Learning Channel features a toddler, who probably hasn't even learned to read, dressed as a prostitute showing off her sexy strut.' [pictures]
Mail Online

"Eric plunked down more than $2,000 for a big, shiny Sony HD TV from Best Buy. He also got Geek Squad Black Tie Protection in case the TV needed fixing, which is exactly what happened earlier this summer. But three months later, Eric's TV remains unrepaired. Below is the timeline..."

Looks like Pat Robertson's favorite lawyer is rolling in dough:
"A new report alleges that Sekulow and his family have reaped millions in defending religious organizations and fighting the separation of church and state. What is clear is that his decision to fight for religious groups did not involve a vow of poverty."
Turley's Blog

Classic posts on a dating site for Randtards:
"My name is Daniel. I consider myself to be a born-again egoist and I have dedicated the rest of my life to self-improvement. People see me as a socially inept loner because I tend to avoid superficial conversation but actually I love talking to people who like to think (the problem being I don’t know very many)."

"I was a teacher for 12 years and recently became an administrator. All that I have done in my new job is deal with angry parents. I call to tell them that their precious angel did something and the first response is, 'How do you know it was him?' ... Today, it was the bus driver's fault that a child brought a dangerous weapon on the school bus. Really? Yesterday, it was a teacher's fault that a student stole something from an empty classroom."

"A Danish doctor is claiming that he took naked photographs of anorexia patients and forced them to use sex toys in an attempt to make them feel better about their bodies."
Ice News

Here's the latest in the Fat Woman Wars:
'Simpson said she suspects that Eman is in cahoots with her ex-manager and is trying to get publicity in order to compete for her fan base. Even worse: She accuses Eman of trying to take away her "World's Fattest Mom" title. "She says she's surpassed me as the world's fattest mom, but she doesn't understand that Guinness gave me the record because I was 532 pounds when I gave birth," Simpson said. "She wasn't that large when she gave birth to her kids."'
Huffington Post

Nothing to see here, walk away:
"Documents found in the abandoned Tripoli office of Muammar Gaddafi's intelligence chief indicate the U.S. and British spy agencies helped the fallen strongman persecute Libyan dissidents, Human Rights Watch said on Saturday."

"The Arizona legislature has passed legislation that will now allow prisons to charge $25 for people to visit their family and friends in prison... legislators are pointing out that they originally wanted to charge babies and children as well but decided to be nice guys"
Turley's Blog

"Faced with 1930 Census records, New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez acknowledged that her grandparents illegally came to the USA from Mexico."

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