Thursday, July 14, 2011

Our Wacky World—7/14/2011

The unanswered question
"In order to evade tough regulations on public rallies, protesters... merely clap their hands to display their anger at Mr. Lukashenko's policies... unemployed man...says he was convicted this week of applauding in public and fined...despite overwhelming evidence of his innocence: He...has only one arm."

Here it is: absolute Proof that the earth doesn't move—in eye-gouging HTML:
"Think of this as a "crash course" for people everywhere of all ages who are ready to test and see how Kabbalist evolutionary mythology has deceived the world...and what it will mean to every living person when that deception is exposed."
He denies Dispensationalism and has a problem with Millenarianism so I guess he wouldn't play nice with certain other religious kooks. (Fixed Earth)

This is a familiar pattern:
"It was once the most active, independent and inspiring civilian group for the environment. But in the last decade or so, Greenpeace abandoned the rigour of science. When the science has been inconvenient, Greenpeace chooses dogma. Which is why it has a zero-tolerance policy on nuclear energy, no matter how imperative the need to remove coal and gas from electricity production. Or why it is adamant organic farming is the only way forward for agriculture, when organic could not feed the world’s population today."
As it says in the masthead to this blog, "Every revolution tends to become the tyranny that it overthrew." I guess they'll join the ranks of eco-terrorists next. (Cosmos)

"Listen folks that is an idol, a demonic idol, right there in New York harbor. People say, 'well no it's patriotic.' What makes it patriotic? Why is it? It's a statue of a false goddess, the Queen of Heaven. We don't get liberty from a false goddess..."
Dispatches From The Culture Wars

Guess what? Harold Camping's End Times bullshit has cost idiots their lives:
"Of course we can blame Satan and the communists but their blood is on the hands of Harold Camping and his Family radio."
John The Baptist TV

Meanwhile, it appears that TBN has kicked perennial false prophet Jack Van Impe off their network—or did he leave? What the fuck cares? Jack has made an entire career out of living in the End Times and a living off of bogus End Times prophecy.

Today in "drug" news:
"Health experts in Portugal said Friday that Portugal's decision 10 years ago to decriminalise drug use and treat addicts rather than punishing them is an experiment that has worked."
Her view is that people who smoke marijuana - by far the most widely used illicit drug in the United States - are violent deviants, roaming Philly's streets with deadly weapons, killing witnesses and committing "untold numbers of crimes" to support their habit. "Don't tell me about polls. I don't want to hear it," Abraham groused. "People want to drive 100 miles an hour. They want to smoke pot. They want to do everything!"
Or maybe, as a growing number of politicians and law-enforcement officials now realize, Americans just don't want to continue paying for the arrest, prosecution and imprisonment of nonviolent drug offenders. (Philly)

Meanwhile, a lot of pot smokers just can't seem to make it past that "gateway":
"Hell's Angels motorcycle gang members are probably more 104 times more likely to have ridden a bicycle as a kid than those who don't become Hell's Angels, but that doesn't mean that riding a two-wheeler is a "gateway" to joining a motorcycle gang. It simply means that most people ride bikes and the kind of people who don't are highly unlikely to ever ride a motorcycle."

"Vladimir Putin has become the object of veneration for a bizarre Russian all-female sect whose followers believe that the tough-talking prime minister is a reincarnation of the early Christian missionary Paul the Apostle."
The Telegraph

"A man has appeared before Limerick District Court charged with ordering his Alsatian dog to have sex with a 43-year-old mother of four, who died from an adverse allergic reaction to the intercourse."
The Journal

"The extraordinary Mexican migration that delivered millions of illegal immigrants to the United States over the past 30 years has sputtered to a trickle, and research points to a surprising cause: unheralded changes in Mexico that have made staying home more attractive."
Dispatches From The Culture Wars

"Yes, according to the ARIS survey, fewer Americans identify themselves as Scientologists than Rastafarians, Sikhs, and whatever the heck Eckankar is."
Village Voice

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