Monday, May 2, 2011

Our Wacky World—5/2/2011

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"My name is Tom OM and I Am a German Chiropractor, Spiritual Healer and Reiki Master... Did you realize that all problems in a particular field...always reoccur - whatever you try to get rid of them??? Well, my friend, the reason is that YOUR problems are deeply burried in your mis-aligned ancestral or Karmic Inheritance DNA lines. NOW, there is a NEW solution..."

'I asked Real Water about the treatment, but public information officer Xzavia Ross said: "Our process is proprietary so there really is no way we can disclose the process by which we add electrons to the water."'

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Here's a fine example of Scientologist parenting:
"In reality, this appears to mean Suri is allowed to rule the family. ‘She will throw temper tantrums when she’s out with Katie and Tom,’ says a source. One claims that after a trip to a restaurant last month, no amount of pleading to get in her car seat by Holmes could persuade Suri — and so she just didn’t. Child psychologist Vicki Panaccione warns against allowing a five-year-old to behave in this way: ‘Their reasoning abilities, nervous systems, decision-making processes and moral judgment are just not up to adult development.’"
Mail Online

"A Derby High School sophomore said Friday that he was hit by a Taser and had his arm broken by two school resource officers for refusing to pull up his pants... At one point as he tried to get up, Villarreal said he felt his arm break when he was pushed back down"
AZ Central

"The police started screaming at her to put the gun down with their guns pointing at the judge. It was only after much screaming that a high-ranking deputy recognized the judge and told everyone to put away their guns. When the deputy said his colleagues did not know her as he did, she reportedly responded “everyone of ya’ll know me. Ya’ll been before me’."
Turley's Blog

'Each of the kits Hydorn assembles by hand is a simple contraption designed for a single purpose: people kill themselves with it by encasing their head in a bag of helium, which is lethal in pure form... The Gladd Group’s estimated annual sales are $98,000. That means Sharlotte Hydorn sells more than 1,600 suicide kits every year. “I’m too busy to cash the bloody checks... I haven’t made a deposit in three months.”'
Daily Beast

Click here for what may be the shortest deposition in legal history (uncouth language).

President dead is tap dancing

No doubt Donald Trump will now demand Obama's, I mean Osama's death certificate.

"The death of one is a tragedy, the death of millions just a statistic"--Marilyn Manson

Yeah, I know, Stalin said it first. But he didn't put it in a cool song.

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Anonymous said...

My ballsack is named Osama Mama.

True story.